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Please note that hard copies of all policies are available on request via the school office.

To view the Societas Trust policies visit  https://www.societastrust.org.uk/policies-and-procedures/.
All statutory policies; the Trust’s memorandum; articles of association; annual accounts; annual report; funding agreements; scheme of delegation; structure, remit and membership of the members, board of trustees, and its committees, can be found on the Trust’s website under Key information.

You can view our current Ash Green policies below:


Curriculum Policies

Art Policy

Assessment Policy

British Values Policy

Computing Policy

EYFS Policy

EYFS Statutory Framework

Geography Policy

Handwriting Policy

History Policy

Homework Policy

Languages Policy

Maths Policy

Maths Calculation Policy

Mental Maths Policy and appendices

Music Policy

P4C in the Societas Trust policy

PE Policy

Phonics Policy

PSHE Policy

Reading Policy

Relationships Sex Education and Health Education Policy

Religious Education Policy

Science Policy

Spelling Policy

Writing policy



Inclusion & Pastoral Policies

Anti-Bullying Policy

Behaviour Policy

Children Missing From Education Policy

Pupil Equality, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion policy

Pupil Premium Policy

SEND Policy

Accessibility Plan



Safeguarding Policies

Online Safety Policy

Child-on-child Abuse Policy

Child on Child Abuse Policy (child friendly)

Children Missing From Education

Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

Low-level Safeguarding Concern Policy

Lockdown Policy


Health Policies

COVID Contingency Plan

EYFS Intimate Care Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Infection Control Policy

Medical Conditions Policy

First Aid Policy

Asthma Policy



School Policies

Admission Arrangements 2022 – 23

Admission Arrangements 2021 – 22

Attendance Policy

CCTV Policy

Charges and Remissions Policy 

Code of Conduct for Parents/ Carers and Social Media

Complaints Policy

Confidential Reporting Policy

CPD Policy

Data Protection Policy

Data Retention Policy

Debtors Payments and Recovery Process and Procedure 

Discretionary Leave Policy

Family Leave Policy

Finance Policy and Procedures

Flexible Working Policy

Freedom of Information Policy

Information Security Policy

Live Streaming Policy

Mobile Phone and Photography Policy

Persistent or Vexatious Complaints 

Recruitment and Selection Policy

Remote Learning Policy February 2021

Social Networking Protocol

Staff Wellbeing Policy

Supporting Attendance Procedure

Volunteer policy