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The Teachers

Miss Moss

I’ve been at Ash Green for quite a while – getting on for forty years, in fact! Prior to this, I worked as a supply teacher for twelve months and it was in this capacity that I came to Ash Green back in 1979. I soon became a permanent member of the Ash Green family and started teaching in Reception as that was where the need was at the time: I’m actually middle school trained. I have now worked in every year from Reception to Year 6 and have, over the years, taught well over a thousand of Trentham’s children. It is a source of joy (and not a little pride) to me that I’m now teaching the children of many of my previous pupils. At present, I am one of the Year 5 teachers and also Key Stage 2 leader. For me, as for all of the staff at Ash Green, the children are the centre of everything and I am passionate about providing them with both the very best education they can have and the life skills they need to become happy and fulfilled citizens able to contribute to society.

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Miss Manifold

My name is Megan Manifold and I am an Early Career Teacher. This is my first teaching position since graduating from the University of Derby in 2021, where I completed a Bachelor of Education Degree in Teaching and Learning. Throughout that three-year period, I have had many diverse experiences in a range of school settings around Stoke-On-Trent. I have taught and volunteered in Middle Schools, Church of England Schools, Special Educational Needs Schools and Non-Faith Schools. I have also had experience of teaching various mixed age group classes. Training during COVID was challenging but I believe that it has equipped me to be a more adaptive, resilient and reflective teacher. I am delighted to be a part of the Ash Green team, where staff, pupils and parents work closely together to achieve the best outcomes. My passion for teaching and education stems from my parents and other family members, I believe that I have a very caring and supportive nature, which helps me build strong relationships with the children and others around me. My main priorities are the children’s well-being and development and also my own growth to continue becoming the best teacher that I can be!