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Parental Feedback

At Ash Green Primary Academy we value feedback from one of our most important community groups – parents. We regularly send home surveys to find out the thoughts and feelings of parents. Below are some of the most recent comments from parents and survey results.

Parent Survey January 2023

Parent view survey, December 2022 – Ash Green Primary school is a fun, exciting and heart warming place to be the school as a whole is exceptional I would recommend ash green to any new parent wishing to join our ash green family. Honoured and privileged to be apart of the beautiful chaos. My child is thriving because she is around the most caring and amazing teachers believing in her.
Parent view survey, December 2022 – Fantastic teachers and assistants. My child wouldn’t be where he is now without their support. We’re very grateful.
Parent view survey, December 2022 –
My child loves going to school. I’m amazed at how quickly his reading has come on in such a short space of time and he enjoys sharing this with us at home. It is clear a huge emphasis has been placed on phonics during school time so would like to thank the staff for that.  
Parent view survey, December 2022 –
My child is a totally different kid since starting Ash Green. It has been amazing to see him happy to go into school and comes out smiling. The difference in his well-being from having caring and understanding teachers has been massive. 
Parent view survey, December 2022 –
My daughter is really excited to come to school. She has had lots of opportunities and learnt so much just in one term at school.
Parent view survey, December 2022
– Excellent school, hard working and dedicated staff.
Parent email, July 2022 – My daughter has come on so well in nursery she is confident and genuinely loves school. Every day she asks if today is a school day and when it’s the weekend she says she can’t wait for the next school day. She is confident and loves learning, she’s especially enthusiastic about the outdoor aspects such as seeing the birdsnest outside the nursery building, growing her own sunflower and also seeing a caterpillar bloom into a butterfly. I love that the school incorporates these aspects.
Parent email, July 2022 – Miss Cope, we have always been blown away by you. You’re so friendly, kind, helpful and an expert in your field. We love your approach to everyone you meet (children and adults). You put the children and their well being above anything else always-no matter how busy you are. Your warmth and love of your job really shine through whenever we see you.
Parent email, July 2022 – Ash Green has a lovely, friendly, community feel to it; I especially like that we are kept up to date with everything going on around the school.
Parent email, July 2022 – It is evident you love our kids to the core, and for that I am grateful.
Parent email, July 2022 –
Miss Cope, your positivity and enthusiasm for learning shines throughout your school and I am grateful every day that my children get to come to a school where I know they will feel safe, happy and excited to learn.  
Parent email, March 2022 –
I just wanted to say what a lovely idea the reading afternoons were, and specifically, please pass on our thanks for making grandparents so welcome.  We don’t always realise what a huge impact our actions have but they were so incredibly happy to be a part of the school adventure and impressed by both the school and the welcome they received from the staff. They have mentioned on a number of occasions how kind everyone was, and how exciting and inspiring the classrooms were.  My hugest thanks again to all involved.
Parent view survey, December 2021 – A fantastic school with a fantastic set of teachers and young people to match!
Parent view survey, December 2021 – Since Miss Cope has been the headteacher I feel that Ash Green has only gone from strength to stringent especially during the difficulty of COVID-19, the school are always open and willing to listen to any issues raised and all staff are friendly and always have the pupil’s best of interest.
Parent view survey, December 2021 – My daughter enjoys school and is making fantastic progress. I feel she is known by her teachers. She has a good circle of friends in her class and we have not had to raise any issues or concerns.
Parent view survey, December 2021 – School staff have gone above and beyond to support the wellbeing of my child. From the smallest niggle to bigger upsets and anxieties, nothing has been too much trouble. They have responded with care and understanding (and no judgement) and quickly offered solutions to resolve any issues. A truly wonderful school with amazing staff!
Parent email, February 2021 – I just wanted to say how fabulous teachers have been with the online learning.  Teachers engage so well with the children and have been extremely approachable and always reply to any emails sent in very promptly.  Their lesson planning has been very thorough, educational and fun.  You can tell a lot of thought has gone into the lesson planning and the extra M Teams sessions have been really useful and let us parents catch up whilst working from home which is challenging.  It must be difficult for the Teachers to do both the online and teaching in class so full praise goes to them.
Parent email, January 2021 – Just a quick note to let you know that we all appreciate all the hard work that you and the teachers have put into the remote learning.  How you have dealt with it is admirable.  We have found the school website clear to navigate and the timetable straight forward to follow. The lessons are varied and stimulating, with the Teams sessions a good way to stay in touch with the school and class environment.  Our children’s teachers have been very good in responding to emails and allow our children to maintain a connection with them.  Overall, we all feel that you are doing a fantastic job and it is really appreciated in these difficult times.
Parent view survey, December 2020 – This school is absolutely amazing, all of the staff are incredibly caring and helpful. I know my child is safe and well looked after in every way possible at this school as their health and well being is number one priority. Everyone is very approachable and all staff go out of their way to help whenever a problem occurs. I honestly can’t praise you all up enough for everything you do, you are truly amazing. Thank you.
Parent view survey, December 2020 – All the teachers that I have dealt with at the school have always been fantastic and obliging, they all promote the values of the school and make us all feel part of the Ash Green Family. In my opinion when a child wants to attend school every day with a massive smile on their face and talks with passion at home about the day’s experiences the school and teachers are certainly doing something right.
Parent view survey, December 2020 – Just a huge thank you for everyone’s hard work and all the clear communications. Happy with, and proud of my children’s school and all of the staff and their passion for my children’s education and well being in standard years, let alone in this unprecedented year.
Parent view survey, December 2020 – I feel the leadership of the school is outstanding. Communication has significantly improved, there has been a clear drive to create a positive whole school learning atmosphere for children, irrespective of the current situation.
Parent email, March 2020 – I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all of your staff during these uncertain times. Along with my children, I’ve enjoyed watching the videos, they have had me in stitches!  The phone calls home have been a lovely gesture and it’s nice that the teachers have kept in touch constantly, whether that be updating class pages or appearing on social media! Thank you for trying to lift our spirits each day in what is, a very surreal time.  So thank you Ash Green, you really are AMAZING!!

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