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Subject Essence

The essence of Science at Ash Green – Stimulate children’s curiosity about the world around them. Develop enquiring minds with a range of investigative skills. 

What should we see children doing?

  • Asking questions, hypothesising and predicting
  • Planning and carrying out a range of investigations – using equipment correctly, and observing and measuring
  • Recording data and presenting results in a variety of ways
  • Comparing and evaluating results, looking for patterns and drawing conclusions
  • Building on previous knowledge and developing their understanding of key scientific concepts
Curriculum Content and Progression

At Ash Green, we believe that teaching and learning in Science should stimulate and excite children’s curiosity about the world around them. It provides first hand experiences and support for children to develop enquiring minds, learning how to question and discuss science through collaboration. Starting from the views already held, children are given the opportunity to have their views challenged, to change their views and ultimately improve their understanding. A planned range of practical experiences set in meaningful contexts helps to develop a range of investigative skills and allows children to take risks and learn from their mistakes, developing them into independent learners.

Policies and Supporting Documents

Have a watch of this video below of our ‘Science Squad’ introducing our school values for Science:

In September 2022, we were awarded the Primary Science Quality Mark for a second time– an award that shows our commitment and work towards continued improvement of the Science teaching and learning across our school.