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Subject Essence

The essence of PE at Ash Green: We put pupil enjoyment at the heart of PE as we understand that enjoyment is the biggest driver of activity levels. We want our children to be physically literate, confident and to have good experiences of competitive sport. We give our children varied opportunities to become physically confident. PE at Ash Green creates good habits and builds character, fairness and respect.

What should we see children doing?

  • Showing competency in a broad range of physical activities
  • Being physically active for sustained periods of time
  • Engaging in competitive sports and activities
  • Leading healthy, active lives


Children at Ash Green participate in a wide range of sporting activities through a varied and exciting PE curriculum.  We are very proud of our extensive range of after school clubs and our many sporting successes.

The PE curriculum is delivered by teachers, specialist PE teachers and Sports Coaches from Stoke City. All lesson are designed to be incredibly fun whilst aiding children’s physical development and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

Early Years

The early years programme of study complements the EYFS guidelines and is designed to improve children’s agility, balance and coordination in an incredibly fun environment. Sessions are brought to life by using a wide range of resources and media, to ensure children are enthused by physical activity and engaged in wider learning.

Key Stage 1

Children are given the opportunity to continue their physical development in a range of increasingly challenging and competitive situations. The activities still relate to wider themes across the national curriculum, complementing the children’s development in agility, balance, coordination and dance. Stoke City contribute to clubs and coaching within the school and are a fantastic compliment to out PE curriculum.

Key Stage 2

Key skills acquired in Key Stage 1 continue to be developed through a combination of gymnastics, dance, invasion games and swimming lessons.

Lessons are delivered by teachers and the Stoke City Community Trust.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

There are many opportunities for children to participate in after school clubs with a sporting focus: 

Stoke, cross-country, football, athletics, netball, basketball, swimming and cricket.

PE Premium Funding at Ash Green.

All primary schools receive an additional yearly PE Premium grant from the Government. This extra funding is intended to heighten the effectiveness of PE provision in schools, and it is at the school’s discretion as to how the additional funding is spent. Please check the Sports Premium page for more information.

School’s aim

Our school’s aim is to use the additional funding to improve the quality of teaching of PE, as well as engaging our children in high quality sporting activities, both curricular and extra-curricular. We endeavour to motivate individuals with a desire to develop their skills and talents and to inspire a lifelong interest in their health and well-being.

Representing Ash Green.

The new behaviour policy is now firmly in place and as PE lead I do believe that children wanting to represent Ash Green need to be adhering to the behaviour policy. I will have oversight of all levels given to children and if there are levels given out to children this may affect them being chosen to play for Ash Green Sports teams. I will have regular chats to discuss behaviour with class teachers for context around levels but competition for the teams is fierce and this will be one of the key drivers in choosing who can travel to other schools and wear the Ash Green kit.

Curriculum Content and Progression
Helpful Links and Ideas

About the PE and sport premium

All children and young people should live healthy active lives. The UK Chief Medical Officers recommend that all children and young people should take part in moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity for at least 60 minutes every day. Children with special educational needs and disabilities should take part in 20 minutes of daily activity.

The Childhood Obesity Plan says that at least 30 minutes of daily activity should take place in schools.

Schools have a key role to play in achieving this aim. This is particularly true of primary schools where the foundations of positive and enjoyable participation in regular physical activity are embedded. All children should have equal access to high-quality PE provision and opportunities to experience and participate in a wide range of sports and physical activities. Academic achievement can improve in school because of the benefits children can gain.

Schools should use the PE and sport premium funding to help achieve these aims. It must not be used for core-type school activities. They should use it to make additional and sustainable improvements to the PE, sport and physical activity they provide, such as:

  • funding high-quality PE and sport for at least 2 hours a week, complemented by a wide range of extracurricular sport and competitive opportunities
  • providing or improving equal access to sport for boys and girls

Schools should prioritise PE and sport premium spending to improve in the following 5 key areas:

  • increasing all staff’s confidence, knowledge and skills in teaching PE and sport
  • increasing engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity and sport
  • raising the profile of PE and sport across the school, to support whole school improvement
  • offer a broader and more equal experience of a range of sports and physical activities to all pupils
  • increase participation in competitive sport

Some fun 60 second physical activities that can be done at home or in an outdoor space.

Disney themed, dance alongs. 

The link and information about the FA superkicks app.  Perfect for the back garden or outdoor space.

Some useful videos here to help parents teach P.E activities at home.

P.E with Joe!