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Parlons français!

(Let’s speak French!)

In MFL, we learn to speak French.

Subject Essence

The essence of learning a language is to – Open up and celebrate other cultures and deepen understanding of world.  Express ideas and thoughts in another language. Learning another language gives children a better understanding of the structure of their own language

 What should we see children doing?

  • Understand and respond to spoken and written language
  • Speak with increasing confidence and fluency
  • Write at varying length
  • Discover and develop an appreciation of range of spoken and written language studied
  • ENJOY learning the target language (French)
Curriculum Content and Progression
Helpful Links and Ideas


  1.  Open your World with French -Why learn French?
  2. Alphabet song
  3. Frère Jaques 
  4. Yannick Noah    ‘Aux Arbres Citoyen’ 
  5. Weather video
Policies and Supporting Documents
What our pupils say about learning French at Ash Green