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Subject Essence

Essence of Geography

At Ash Green Primary Academy we want to inspire our children to have a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people. We want to equip pupils with an interaction between physical and human processes.

What should we see children doing?

• Know the location of globally significant places

• Understand processes, give rise to physical and human geographical features and how these are interdependent

• Become competent in geographical skills – collecting and analysing data, interpret sources of geographical information and communicate geographical information

Curriculum Content and Progression
Policies and Supporting Documents

Examples of how 'climate' is studied across school

Examples of how 'human and physical features' are studied across school

Our Geography scheme of work

We utilise the ‘Oddizzi’ scheme of learning to support our teaching of Geography at Ash Green. Topics have carefully been chosen to ensure the aims and the objectives of the National Curriculum are met.