Year 6 Home Learning

Congratulations Ash Green Primary Leavers’ of 2020:



Click the link below to see Miss Worthington’s message to all of our Year 6 children: 

13.07 .2020:   Hello Year 6 Leavers! We cannot believe it is your final week at primary school. It has been a journey filled with laughter, love and friendship and we have been so lucky to have had the opportunity to have taught each and every one of you. We know this isn’t quite the way you imagined you would be spending your final week but we do hope you will see that this week’s home learning timetable has been mapped out around all of your lovely requests. We have tried to make it as fun as possible. We know we will be seeing lots of you during reports collection on Monday – we cannot wait! Please have a wonderful and restful summer before you journey into high school. We know that you will be simply amazing! When it is safe to do so, we will be in touch about your very special and well deserved Year 6 prom. Take care guys and keep in touch! Miss Worthington, Miss Moss and the Ash Green family X

Please see below this week’s home learning timetable – we hope you enjoy 🙂 Don’t forget to follow the dress code – parents too!

Home Learning Timetable WC 13.07.2020

Please see below the home learning powerpoint to support your activities: 

Home Learning PPT WC 13.07.2020

Here are all of the individual activity documents; please read the timetable carefully to check where each document is. All links that you need are on the timetable. This week, we have tried to limit the number of worksheets – also to support you at home in reducing the amount of printing. Where no worksheet is provided, please use paper.

Documents to support home learning; 

Here is the link you need for the Virtual Sports Day:

Virtual Sports Day

Crazy Clothes Garment Ideas and Templates

Body Outline Templates

Body Template Front and Back

Forest Schools Activity Book


Hi Year 6, here is the link to the latest Open the Book assembly from Reverend Stone and the team at Trentham church. Enjoy!

SPAG Handbook: A new ‘SPAG’ Handbook for Parents has been uploaded to our home learning page. We hope you find this useful. Within this document, you will find the meaning behind key grammatical phrases to support you with Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar at home. Many thanks, Miss Worthington:

SPAG Handbook for Parents

Best Quotes About Learning. QuotesGram

New work samples to celebrate! 

Evie in 6AW has been working so hard – WOW! Whilst researching South and North America, Evie really enjoyed searching local landmarks and putting these into her own map. She even went the extra mile and interviewed her Grandma who has travelled to South America. Top marks for you Evie – you even dressed the part for the interview with your Grandma too! Well done you! Please keep your wonderful work samples coming in!

We had to share these with you! Emmy has worked so hard in creating a ‘hug in a box’ for some of her friends. How special is this?! Sometimes, the smallest ideas mean the most! These boxes are truly beautiful Emmy! Take a look also at her fabulous rainbow!

Below you can see the fabulous and breathtaking poem by James S. in 6AW. I really love how much thought James has put into this piece – it made me quite emotional reading this. Thankyou for all of your fantastic efforts, James 🙂


Videos to support home learning – ‘Maths Strategies’ and ‘Question Matrix’: 

6AW Work Samples:

Our flower activity this week was a real hit! Take a look at some of the fantastic work… We have also loved reading your comprehension tasks and lottery letters! Well done to Evie, Emmy, Jack, Josh and Olivia! Please keep your samples coming in!

Aren’t all of these samples just beautiful? So much thought, care and effort. Well done guys!


6DM Work Samples:





Move over Pru Leith! Forget Paul Hollywood! Here’s another Year 6 baker. Sophie has been making scones and don’t they look scrumptious? Well done Sophie!

Joe has been incredibly busy during lockdown. Joe, I’m really impressed with your work. He’s been thinking about the Flying House questions.

Sharath has created a beautiful patchwork tree based on a tree he can see from his window. Sharath, that’s a really lovely piece of artwork. Well done.

Joe has been incredibly busy: he’s created an acrostic about the circulatory system. This is super Joe!

Have you started to look at the Doors – a world of Possibility activities yet? Joe has been busy writing a poem about doors.

Joe this is an excellent poem! I love your vocabulary; I can see some metaphors and alliteration in there too. Well done!

And here’s another brilliant Door poem. Alfie has used some great vocabulary – mythical portals. I’m impressed by the idea of doors presenting two choices too. Well done!

Sharath has also written a Door poem. Wow, Sharath some super metaphors and I love the idea of choices and possibilities.

Samnvi has been busy with maths and a Door poem. I love the line, “A door is a question, what’s behind?”


Joe has been busy again. He’s written a Magic Door poem inspired by Harry Potter. Joe, I’m so impressed: your output has been tremendous! Good boy!

Sophie has been very artistic this week: for our History activity, she’s made a Greek theatre mask and for our RE, she’s designed a stained glass window. Super work Sophie.


Lauren has written two beautiful poems. I love the line, “A door is a gateway to an apology.” Great work, Lauren!


Have a look at Joe’s narrative. I love how you’ve set the scene, Joe, then written as the character. Super use of a simile, Joe. I love the twist at the end – who’s actually in danger and who’s the hero?

Meg has been busy making salt dough ready to make her Greek mask. She’s also been exploring Hem Heath Woods.



Joe has been busy with creative writing – A Game Changer and also a character outline from Treasure Island. He then got cracking on adding up the years in which the members of his family were born. All of those dates make me feel VERY old!!!! Joe, you’ve worked your socks off while we’ve been on lockdown! I’m very proud of you.



Sharath has done a 1,000 piece puzzle in just three days! Wow, Sharath, that’s very impressive!

Sophie has painted these rocks which she’s going to hide around Trentham when she goes for a walk. Sophie, this is a lovely idea!

Joe has been very busy with descriptive writing and PSHE. Joe, I think it’s really lovely that you’ve seen spending time with your sister as a positive.








Joe has been busy today with the English learning – he’s done a super description of Toad. He’s also been working on the PSHE activity for today.


Samanvi has been very busy: she’s written her name in Ancient Greek and has created a beautiful, textured painting. Samanvi, you’re clearly very artistic.











For this week’s PSHE, Renie has designed her own character shield. It looks great, Renie! She’s also been busy writing a story inspired by the crocodile picture. Well done Renie.



Sharath has designed a personal shield and a Worry Jar for our Healthy Mind, Happy Me learning. They’re very impressive Sharath!

Sharath has been doing some super thinking about Mindfulness.










Here are a variety of links and activities to support Year 6 pupils and parents when learning at home. If you have any queries, please contact Miss Moss at or Miss Worthington at (weekdays between 8.30am-3pm).

Greek Creatures Powerpoint

Year 6 Homework Menu – Overview of activities: 

Year 6 Homework Menu 2020


You can access a range of audio stories on this site:




Cerberus questions

Extract 2 The Wind in the Willows

Theseus and the Minotaur

wind in the willows extract (4)








Matilda poem

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar:





Word Work Activities







Algebra with answers

Decimals with answers

Evil-Star Percentages with answers


Be a maths teacher

Coin challenge

Dance Dilemma

Earth Maths

Flag Fun

Florence Nightingale letter sort

Football Fractions

Magic Maths

Sunscreen Statistics

Curriculum learning:

Year 6 Home Learning Challenge Grid

Science – Adaptation, inheritance and evolution

For videos on these topics, follow these links: and

Follow these links to find science lessons with tasks:

Classification keys


Create your own animal

Inheritance (parents, children, siblings)

Hybrid animals


story_of_charles_darwin (1)


Charles_Darwin_creative_writing (1)

Fossil_flash_cards  (Parents and Carers, you need to cut these up and see if your child can match the fossil with the living creature)

To watch a video showing what we can learn from a dinosaur tooth:

  • go onto the BP website BPES:
  • click on Enter a student code (top right on all pages if you’re not logged in)
  • enter the code below

Student code 65822


Learn to say your name in French

Counting in French

Easter Mindfulness Colouring

Mindfulness colouring