Year 5 January Parent Newsletter

Dear Parents and Carers,

Happy New Year and welcome back for our Spring Term! We’ve got lots of exciting activities coming up this term.


This term, our English lessons will look very different! We’re taking part in the New Vic Shakespeare Children’s Festival and we will be exploring the play ‘Hamlet’ through drama and story-telling, before using a child-friendly version of the play for inspiration for our own writing. As we learn more about ‘Hamlet’, each class will develop their own performance in preparation for the festival.

For more information about the festival, you can view their website at

 Learning Challenge

Our Learning Challenge this term is ‘What can we learn from Shakespeare and his plays?’

Our learning challenge questions for this half term are as follows:

·        Who was Shakespeare?

·        Why does Shakespeare use ‘funny’ language?

·        Why do tourists visit Stratford-upon-Avon?

·        What was it like to see a play at the Globe Theatre?

·        Why is Shakespeare still so popular?

·        How can we perform Hamlet?

 School trips/performances

We will be going to one of the Societas Trust schools for a performance run-through on Thursday 8th March (more details will be provided nearer the time).

Our Hamlet performance at the New Vic theatre will be in the afternoon on Tuesday 13th March (tickets will be available to parents nearer the time).


Mental sessions will focus on Roman numerals, converting units of measure and strategies for adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying larger numbers mentally.

We will look at statistics, including interpreting tables, timetables and line graphs. We will also be looking at calculating with decimals, rounding numbers (including decimals) and solving multi-step problems using all four operations.


Please will you ensure that your child has their P.E. kit in school and each item labelled. It would be helpful to label all items of your child’s school uniform so that any lost items can easily be returned.

 Dropping off and picking up

If someone different is collecting your child after school, please will ensure you leave a message in the morning so that it can be passed on to Miss Griffiths or Miss Zimmer who will be seeing the children out at the end of the day.

How can you support your child at home?

Children are encouraged to read at home (a minimum of four times a week) a book they are interested in and to be able answer questions so that they understand what they are reading. Practising their spellings at home will support in their writing in school. In Maths, it is important to learn the times tables up to 12×12. We will also send out homework of online Maths practise using the Abacus website. Please see the school’s new homework policy for more details and click here to view this term’s Brain Builder activities.

 Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Griffiths and Miss Zimmer