Year 3: September Parent News

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have a busy half term ahead packed with lots of exciting activities that we would like to share with you.

Firstly, our learning challenge will be linked to Geography where we will learn about lots of different Natural Disasters. We will be focusing initially on volcanoes; moving on to Tsunamis and Earthquakes and looking at what causes them. After half term we will move on to looking at the cause and effect of extreme weather in the UK, focusing on famous Earthquakes and Tsunamis that have happened in the children’s lifetime and what we can do to help make the Earth happy, with a focus on conservation, pollution and charity work. In Art we will be focusing on Stephanie Peters who is a famous artist who focuses her work on Natural Disasters and the coming together of communities after these disasters.

A total of seven learning challenge questions will be answered by the children;

Our learning challenge questions are as follows;

  • LC1 What causes a volcano to erupt?
  • LC2 What would it be like to live near to a volcanic eruption?
  • LC3 What causes an earthquake/tsunami? How are they measured?
  • LC4 What are the effects of extreme weather in the UK?
  • LC5 Are all rocks the same?
  • LC6 Which countries have experienced earthquakes and Tsunami’s in your lifetime?
  • LC7 How can we make the world happy?

In our Science lessons, we are looking at rocks and soils which will link nicely with our Learning Challenge Topic.  We will observe what happens when rocks are rubbed together and what changes occur when they are in water. We will explore how and why rocks might have changed over time, as well as identifying and classifying rocks according to whether they have grains or crystals, and whether they have fossils in them. This topic will also give us the opportunity to explore different soils and identify similarities and differences between them.

To enrich the learning in a more practical sense we are planning a trip to Poole’s Cavern where the children will be given the opportunity to go inside a cave looking at rock types and their properties. They will learn how the cave has changed over the years and what it might have been used for.

Our RE question that we will focus our lessons on is, What does it mean to be a Christian in Britain today?



In English, our class text is ‘The Firework Makers Daughter’; It is a story that links with our topic.

The story is about a young girl called Lila who wants to become a firework-maker, like her father Lalchand. Despite her talents, Lalchand believes this is an unsuitable job for girls. Lila disagrees and journeys to get Royal Sulphur from Razvani the Fire-Fiend at Mount Merapi. The quest is nearly unsuccessful; however, her friends Hamlet, a talking white elephant, and Chulak, Hamlet’s caretaker, manage to deliver themuch needed final element to defeat the fire-fiend.


During this term the children will have the opportunity to write character descriptions, setting descriptions, fact files on white elephants and create their own ending to the story before learning what actually happens.



Mental Maths sessions will focus on counting in 4s, 8s, 50s and 100s from 0 and on finding 10 more or less than a given number within 100. The children will be learning to read and write numbers to 500 in numerals and words and to recognise the place value of each digit in a three-digit number. They will begin to mentally solve addition and subtraction problems which include a three-digit number and ones or tens. We will also be writing and calculating mathematical statements for the tables that we know. We will be focusing on unit fractions and recognising unit fractions of a discrete set of objects, identifying equivalent fractions as well as adding fractions with the same denominator.


How can you support your child at home?

Children are asked to read at home 4 times a week and should be able answer questions showing that they understand what they are reading. Practising their spellings at home will support them with their writing in school and in Maths, it is important that they can quickly recall both the multiplication and division facts for their 3’s 4’s and 8 Times Tables. We will also send home reading comprehension, English tasks and maths worksheets to support the learning done in class. Enjoy!


Cycling to School

If you and your child would like to cycle to school in KS2 then please lock your bike (at your own risk) to the metal fencing that is by the KS2 Hall (Where you collect your child from at the end of the day). Your child’s teacher will look after your helmet in a safe place during the day. It is however very important to note for safety reasons bicycles and scooters MUST NOT be ridden on school premises.


Class Assemblies

Each term your child’s class will lead an assembly and you will be invited into school to watch. These will be approximately 20 minutes in length and will be held on a Thursday afternoon at 2.40 pm.  You will be notified of the upcoming dates for these.


Thank you!


Mrs Lloyd, Miss Shacklady and the Year 3 Team.