Year 3 January Parent Newsletter

Dear Parents and Carers,

We hope that you have all had a lovely Christmas and New Year break; we are very excited about all of the exciting things that we have planned for this half term. We have already made our own Stone Age necklaces and have started to plan and build our own model shelters.

Our learning challenge title is ‘Who were the first people to live in Britain?’ this will involve us mostly focusing on the Ice Age, the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. We will be looking at the kinds of things that they might have eaten, where they would have lived and what things they have left behind.  After half term we will focus more on the Iron Age and what it would have been like to live in this time.  During our Art sessions we will look at cave paintings and will create our own in a similar way to how they were created around this time.

A total of seven learning challenge questions will be answered by the children;

Our learning challenge questions are as follows;

·         LC1 What jobs do Archaeologists do and how do they help us find out about history?

·         LC2 How did the early Britons make shelter?

·         LC3 Would the early Britons have shopped in Aldi?

·         LC4 What did the early Britons leave behind?

·         LC5 Did the Iron Man live in the Iron Age?

·         LC5 Would you have rather lived in the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age?

·         LC6 What have you learned about the Bronze Age and the Iron Age?

·         LC7 Reflection

In our Science lessons, we will be looking at forces and magnets.  We will be focusing on pushes and pull and also friction carrying out an experiment to find out what happens when the toy cars travel over different surfaces. We will also be looking at which materials the magnets are attracted to and what happens when two like poles are pushed together. We are also enjoying our ‘Time to Talk’ time during our Science lessons where the children are presented with a statement such as ‘A world without metal’ they then have to come up with a positive, a negative and an interesting idea. During this time they could also be presented with 3 different pictures and they have to spot the odd one out, there is no right or wrong answer as long as they can give a reason for their response.

We are very excited to be given the opportunity to take part in an alternative sport during our PE lesson on a Friday morning and we can’t wait to find out what which sport we will be doing…



In English, our class text is ‘The Iron Man’; It is a story that links with our topic.  ‘Where had he come from? Nobody knows.’ ‘How was he made? Nobody knows.’

All the people of the village think that the Iron Man is a monster. He has been eating every single piece of metal in sight. He has been destroying farms everywhere. They might all be right. But will he change from villain to hero when the real monster comes?

Through drama, story mapping and close reading of the text, we will be able to create a variety of character and setting descriptions whilst writing our own ending to the story. We will become reporters and interview each other as farmers recording the discovery of ginormous footprints in our very own newspapers. Alongside this, our Guided Reading sessions will see us explore similar texts and poetry, again, using drama and discussion to explore theme and atmosphere.


Mental Maths sessions will continue to focus on our timetables counting in as well as counting in 25s 50s and 100s from 0.  In our maths sessions we will return to our number and place value objectives and we will then move on to focusing our learning on statistics, completing surveys, collecting data and creating charts to show the results of our investigations. Mastery is also going to be a focus for Year 3 this term, therefore we will practise giving mathematical explanations, spotting patterns and exploring our mental methods to justify our answers.

Homework Changes!

You will have noticed that before half term we sent home a new homework book, this is in line with our new homework policy and all year groups will be bringing home ‘Brain Builders’. You will find that within this book we have given lots of suggestions for different activities that you can complete with your child surrounding our topic. Through completing these tasks it will enable them to have a deeper understanding of what we are learning in the classroom and we love hearing all of the wonderful facts that they have found to share with us. Please note that the children have been given longer to complete these tasks and we will no longer be setting weekly Maths or English tasks.

The Yellow homework book will remain the same and each week your child will continue to bring home spellings and timetables to practise for their weekly tests. This book needs to be back in school each Thursday to give us a chance to look at all of the fantastic learning that the children have been doing at home.

We have also sent home new Abacus passwords and logins where you will find a selection of games which the children can use to further develop their mathematical understanding.

The children are asked to continue to read at least 4 times each week. We do need to see the diaries in school each Monday so that we can log the number of times that each child is reading. Remember that prizes will be given to the children who consistently read 4 times each week.


Many Thanks

Mrs Lloyd, Miss Shacklady and the Year 3 Team.