Year 2 Home Learning

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Here are a variety of links and activities to support Year 2 pupils and parents when learning at home. If you have any queries, please contact Mrs Tunnicliffe at or Mrs Firkins at (weekdays between 8.30am-3pm).


Alternative /m/ spelt mb (lamb, crumb, climb, thumb)

Check out the video and activity below:

Alternative m spelt mb



2A sentences are also known as expanded noun phrases. Year 2 have been using these in their descriptions and know that you must use 2 adjectives and a comma in between. For example; The dog had a cold, wet nose.


Similes are also used when describing. These sentence types add extra detail to our sentences by comparing and also use adjectives. For example; He raced off as fast as a lion. or He raced off like a lion. 


Earlier on in the year we started to look at human and physical features in geography and we explored what features we can see in Stoke on Trent. Using the Katie Morag stories compare and contrast the Isle of Struay to Trentham. How does life differ for Katie? What is life like on the island for her? Please see below for some activities to complete at home.

Activity 1 – What is on the Isle of Struay

Activity 2 – Isle of Struay buildings

Activity 3 – Katie Morag Grid referencing    &   Isle of Struay Co-ordinates Map


Why not study an artist? Henri Rousseau was a French painter who didn’t learn how to paint until the age of 40.

Read the following to find out facts about the artist as well as how to draw a toucan and create a piece of artwork in the style of Rousseau.

Henri Rousseau facts and activities

Topic information

Homework Gnome – for all your topic homework

In Year 2, your child will cover some core learning areas of history and geography. For many of these topic-areas, you’ll find top facts, timelines, did you knows, pictures, videos and more, in the Homework Gnome. Why not check out the following:



Islands and continents 

Forest and woodland habitats 

The great fire of London 

The history of toys





Physical Activities


Well being