Virtual Sports Day


Please find all of the activities you need below! Foundation stage are more than welcome to use the KS1 activities too!

Have fun and no cheating!


KS1                                          KS2


KS1 Activity 1 – Hit the Target                                             KS2 Activity 1 – Wall Sit

KS1 Activity 2 – Put a Sock in it                                          KS2 Activity 2 – Speed Bounce

KS1 Activity 3 – Run For It                                                  KS2 Activity 3 – Target Practice

KS1 Activity 4 – Up and Down                                            KS2 Activity 4 – Book Balance

KS1 Activity 5 – Lava                                                            KS2 Activity 5 – Jump to it

KS1 Activity 6 – The Plank                                                  KS2 Activity 6 – Ball to wall

Scorecard KS1                                                                       Scorecard KS2


Watch the guys at ASM complete the activities!