Update from Reception

In Maths we have been measuring plants in different ways, recording our answers as we find them out. we have also been using seeds as a discussion point for early division talking about halving and equal sharing.

During literacy we have looked at instructional writing, re-telling known stories such as the enormous turnip and have written imaginative stories of where seeds and spores might land after studying the  book “The tiny seed”.

For understanding of the world we have planted our own seeds making grass caterpillars which we have observed over time, drawing pictures and labeling the plants we have created.  Finally after a week of watching the hairs “grass” on the caterpillars backs are starting to grow! We have also been observing our own beans which we have stuck to our windows in order to give them sunlight to help them grow.  The children who already knew what plants need in order to grow were interested in “how” plants drink as they don’t have mouths. So we bought some celery and flowers which we have placed in coloured water this week. The children have guessed that the water will change the stems, make it grow more flowers or make them grow some leaves we will have to wait and continue observing these plants to see!