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See information for parents on our Phonics page.


At Ash Green, we use ‘Spelling Shed’ as an online and interactive tool that all children can access from home. Our children love ‘Spelling Shed’ as it brings the fun factor to spellings. All children have an online username and password which can be provided from their class teacher, should they lose it! Each week, spellings are set online by the class teacher for children to access either in school or at home. Children can earn ‘honey pots’ and rewards, pushing them up the leader board and encouraging friendly competition between them and their peers.

Children each have their own Spelling book to record spelling opportunities and to ‘show off’ their spelling strategies. Spellings are dictated and taught in school at least 3 times a week and all children are tested weekly.

For more information on our Spelling Scheme and expectations, please see our spelling policy below:

Spelling Policy 2020


We are always keen for parents to support in their child’s learning of Mathematics and are happy to provide any assistance that could help with this. Whether it be details of mathematical methods, support with basic skills, extra application, etc. Please ask your child’s teacher if you need some help.

  • Children in Years 1-6 will receive weekly on-line homework that is set by the Teacher on Prodigy Maths.
  • Y2-4  will have target Times Tables set for each child to practise at home on Rockstars.
  • Maths Shed games are available (at different levels of difficulty) for all children to work on at home. Games will support the children in their mental fluency and include number bonds, adding and subtracting and powers of 10.


Below are some files and websites to support learning at home.

Times Table Rock Stars

We have invested in “Times Tables Rock Stars”, an online programme to support in learning Times Tables. Your child has been given a username and password and has been allocated times tables by their class teacher (at their level). You can challenge yourself, your friend, your Teacher or another class!!

Your teacher is able to monitor progress, both as a class and individually and your child will also able to see their own improvements and progress.

To gain access go to the website: Your child will have personal log in details.


Each week your child’s Teacher will set homework on MyMaths that links to lessons in school.

Your child will have personal log in details


Log in to play interactive fames with quick fire questions on number bonds, adding and subtracting numbers, times tables, powers of 10 and Year 4 multiplication check.

Please note this is the same personal log in as Spelling Shed.

Hit the Button

Hit the Button is an interactive maths game with quick fire questions on number bonds, times tables, doubling and halving, multiples, division facts and square numbers. The games which are against the clock challenge and develop a child’s mental maths skills.

No password is required.


Reading is an everyday skill and is at the heart of our Ash Green Curriculum. Reading together at home is one of the easiest and most important ways in which you can help your child to become confident and fluent. As you share books, you are helping to improve your child’s reading skills – showing them just how important reading is! We have a range of diverse books to support your child’s reading in school and this will enable your child to experience a range of authors and book genres, including fiction and non-fiction.

Our ethos for reading is:

  • To encourage all children to enjoy reading and see it as a pleasurable leisure activity – not a chore!
  • To provide children with the skills necessary to read a range of text types for pleasure and for information.
  • To encourage children to be competent and confident readers, children need to have access to a range of reading experiences.

All of our children are given a home school reading diary at the start of each academic year. It is school policy and a weekly expectation that all children read 4 times a week at home to an adult or older sibling. Teachers track and monitor this on a daily basis to ensure that all children are receiving the opportunities to read broadly and widely, both inside and outside of school. Any child who does not meet this weekly reading expectation is offered the opportunity to read to an adult in school in order to catch up. In Key Stage 2, Reading Heroes provide daily reading opportunities both inside school and outside on the playground. You will see them lurking around in their super-hero capes! Miss Worthington also offers a Key Stage 2 Reading club every Friday lunchtime for any child who has not met the weekly reading expectation for that academic week.

Have a look at Ash Green’s virtual library.

To further support your child’s reading at home, take a look at some of the ‘reading for pleasure’ booklets that can help your child find their own magic in reading:

Nursery Reading for Pleasure Reading Log

Reception Reading for Pleasure Reading Log

Year 1 Reading for Pleasure Reading Log

Year 2 Reading for Pleasure Reading Log

Year 3 Reading for Pleasure Reading Log

Year 4 Reading for Pleasure Reading Log

Year 5 Reading for Pleasure Reading Log

Year 6 Reading for Pleasure Reading Log