Senior Leadership

Headteacher – Mrs Ruth Foster

Mrs Foster is the Headteacher of Ash Green Primary School. Prior to this appointment in 2014, she was Headteacher at Chesterton Primary School in Staffordshire. Mrs Foster is passionate about children having an education those guides and nurtures individuals to find and develop their own talents, within a curriculum that enables all to achieve their potential.  Mrs Foster is LA Governor at Moor First School in Staffordshire, where she is on the ‘Staffing and Standards’ Committee.  Mrs Foster is an Associate Consultant with Focus Education. During her teaching career, Mrs Foster has also worked within Stoke on Trent Local Authority, where she was a Lead Teacher and latterly a National Strategies Literacy and English Consultant, working across both Primary and Secondary Schools in the city.


Deputy Headteacher – Miss Jodie Cope

My current role is as Deputy Headteacher at Ash Green Primary School. Since joining Ash Green Primary I have worked across key stages, this has allowed me to gain a whole school overview in terms of the curriculum and assessment whilst learning. My role since September 2016 however has been non-class based, taking on a more strategic role in coaching teachers, which I believe allows professionals to evaluate their own capabilities, resulting in focused CPD.

In July 2017, I was awarded the status of Specialist Leader of Education (SLE). I have been fortunate in having the opportunity to support colleagues from inside and outside of my own context, in both a formal and informal capacity. Being able to impact on a significant number of children, across our county and further afield, is highly rewarding. Teaching and learning has always been my passion, through valuable experience, I have been able to develop my own philosophy, gaining an extensive understanding of school improvement. I have an unshakeable belief that all children have an entitlement to the best opportunities regardless of background.

Before joining Ash Green Primary School in January 2015, I was Assistant Headteacher and later Acting Headteacher at a single form entry School in Staffordshire. During my time here, we relentlessly raised the achievement for all children; this was evident by our children making the most progress in Staffordshire between the ages of seven and eleven. Nationally we were in the top 1% of schools for Value Added.

In 2014, I was seconded to an ‘inadequate’ Primary School, which was in a coaching and mentoring capacity in order to support staff in their drive to improve the quality of teaching and learning in key stages 1 and 2. This was a fantastic opportunity as it allowed me to support, through personalised action plans, in raising the quality of teaching which greatly impacted on children. I thrived on supporting colleagues and working in challenging circumstances.

As Deputy Headteacher at Ash Green Primary School, I am fully committed in us ‘Achieving the best together’.


Assistant Headteacher – Miss Alice Worthington 

My current role at Ash Green, is Assistant Head Teacher. My role is rather unique in that I am still very much on the front line in the classroom and actively teaching my wonderful Year 6 children each day. I feel extremely privileged that, I am able to model two lifelong ambitions of mine that provide me with my own moral purpose: teaching and leadership.

I initially joined Ash Green as English Lead in September 2016. Since then, I have worked relentlessly to drive school improvement both inside and outside of the classroom, predominantly in Year 6. I have had the pleasure of working alongside a number of year 6 cohorts and take great pride in many of the achievements, that as a team, our children have been able to celebrate. A highlight of my time in Year 6, was 98% of our Year 6 cohort in 2018, achieving the expected standard in Reading.

I have an unwavering belief that every child, no matter what their journey, given the right support and opportunity, is capable of making accelerated progress and achieving their best ‘me’. Teaching and inspiring young minds is at the forefront of everything I do, and I feel so lucky that every day I am in a position to directly and indirectly impact on our pupils both inside and outside of the classroom.

Prior to taking on the role of Assistant Head Teacher in September, 2018, I have worked in a range of different school contexts, including a large international British school in Doha, Qatar. Since then, I have worked as a system leader and delivered training for local teaching schools to impact children and teachers from a range of different contexts, particularly in reading. Another lifelong passion of mine is English Language and Literature – I am an avid reader and I strive every day to positively impact on children’s perceptions of reading. I am a strong advocate that “Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary” (Jim Rohn). For me, Reading is the backbone of society, those who read, are the people capable of making our world a better place.

I am also a strong advocate for continuing professional development, as I have seen the impact this has had first hand on my own career path. Last year I was awarded the NPQML for middle leadership and this year, I continue to this development by now studying for the NPQSL award in Senior Leadership.