Maths is a core subject and is taught discretely. However, where relevant, Maths is linked to other subjects.

Our Maths curriculum:

  • has number at its heart – a large proportion of time is spent reinforcing number to build competency
  • ensures teachers stay in the required key stage and support the ideal of depth before breadth
  • provides plenty of opportunities to build reasoning and problem solving elements into the curriculum.

Curriculum Content

The documents below show the curriculum content to be covered in each year group:

Year 1 Maths

Year 2 Maths

Year 3 Maths

Year 4 Maths

Year 5 Maths

Year 6 Maths



Mental Maths Policy 2019-20

Maths Calculation Policy 2019-20

Maths Policy 2019-20


If you would like more information about our curriculum, get in touch with your child’s class teacher.