Reception Home Learning

Here are a variety of links and activities to support Reception pupils and parents when learning at home. If you have any queries, please contact Miss Bishop at or Mrs Parsons at (weekdays between 8.30am-3pm).



Hello everyone! So today is the first day of the Easter Holidays…although it might not feel like it! Below are some crafty, fun activities that you could work through during the Easter break, have lots of fun together and don’t forget to send some photos over to us! I hope that the Easter Bunny finds a safe way of getting to your house and let’s keep our fingers crossed for some warm, sunny days

Rabbit Face on Apple iOS 13.3Hatching Chick on Apple iOS 13.3Heart with Ribbon on Apple iOS 13.3

EYFS Easter Ideas

Easter Actvities Booklet

Online Easter Games

Easter Basket Craft

Easter Craft Pack EYFS

Why do we celebrate Easter?



Hi all I have put together a mini topic on magic with some learning ideas, I hope it’s helpful. Please click on the link below to open. Mrs Parsons

home learning ideas magic

This is a lovely idea that you might want to do at home and brighten someones day.

Reception Home Learning Photos

We have LOVED receiving your emails with photos and videos showing us what you have been busy learning at home! Here are some that we have received so far, can’t wait to see what next week brings! Enjoy looking through the photos and don’t forget to keep sending them over!


Hi everyone, It’s Miss Bishop here, hope that you are having a lovely week so far! Have a look at these great scavenger hunts that you can do at home! A perfect rainy day activity or one to take out in the garden when the sunshine is back! Have fun and don’t forget to show us your photographs!


Maths Shed- Maths PowerPoints

These Maths Shed PowerPoints will be great to download and work through with your children. They are designed to support teaching a variety of Maths skills in a fun and interactive way. Many of the activities are designed to be done in the classroom but can be easily adapted to use at home, have a go at working through a few slides each day. I hope that you find them useful!

Addition and Subtraction (Introducing Zero)                                 Addition & Subtraction to 5

Number & Place Value (6, 7 & 8)                                 Number & Place Value (Counting to 9 & 10)

Number & Place Value- Comparing Groups               Addition & Subtraction to 10 (Combining 2 groups)

Addition & Subtraction to 10 (1o Frame)                    Addition & Subtraction to 10 (Part Whole Method)

3D Shape                                                                            2D Shape

Number Bonds:

Lots of you have been asking for some resources to support teaching number bonds to 10. Hopefully you will find the PowerPoints above useful but here are some quick and easy printables that will also help to embed this concept. Hope that you find them useful and enjoy using them! I have also included some bonds to 20 if anybody feels that their child needs an additional challenge!

Number bonds to 10 booklet Number Bond Search! Butterfly Bonds to 10

Dinosaur bonds to 10! Bonds to 20 bus game Ten Frames and Number Bonds Bunny Number Bonds

Shape, Space & Measure Activities:

Time: Why not use this time at home to investigate telling the time? You can have loads of fun with time-related activities, how about starting off by making your own clock? Have a go at making your own by printing out one of our handy templates below!

Shape: There are shapes all around us, both 2D and 3D! Why not spend this time investigating how 2D shapes can form nets that turn into 3D shapes. You could also have a shape hunt around your house and garden! I wonder how many different shapes you can find?

Click the links here to download some 2D and 3D Shape resources that you can use at home!

3D Shape Hunt

3D Shape Nets

2D Shape Drawing

2D Shape Hunt


The ‘Shape Patterns‘ game is a great way to reinforce shape and pattern understanding. It is excellent for shape recognition and for problem solving. In the easier levels children need to continue the pattern but in the more challenging levels, children are presented with a sequence with the missing element in different positions. This level in particular, is an excellent problem solving activity. Have fun!


Free Books Online!

I have found a fantastic free book service called Vooks and would definitely recommend Reception parents to take advantage of the ‘1 month free’ offer…Vooks is a growing library of animated storybooks that streams on all your favourite devices, including Smart Tvs! Their aim is to encourage the love of reading by retaining all of the important elements of story time: read-along pacing, life lessons, and a visual connection between words and text. They have a huge range of books in their online library and if you sign up now, they can all be accessed free of charge! Some stories are quite ‘American’ but they do have a section full of family favourites and classics, such as ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’. Click the picture to head to the Looks website!


Have a look at these great games on Top Marks to practice your maths skills! Click the titles to take you to the website!


Helicopter Rescue: This is a mental maths game with different sized number charts and it is designed to help children to identify and work with numbers up to 100. The game modes include ‘Find a Number’ and ‘Count On & Back’. In the first, children are asked to find a number on the grid, either directly or in between two voiced numbers. The count on and count back games are designed to help children learn some of the vocabulary of addition and subtraction; count on, count back, more than and less than. This game works well on both a tablet or a computer screen. Enjoy!


Hit The Button: This is a quick-fire question game for practicing number bonds, doubles and halving. The games are played agains the clock and are designed to challenge and develop mental maths skills. Regular use of this game can really sharpen your child’s recall of number facts in a fun and engaging way!



Caterpillar Ordering & Sequencing: This is an interactive ordering and sequencing numbers game, which is suitable for 5 to 11 year olds, this maths game has different levels which can be matched to a child’s
mathematical ability level. The drag and drop activities help children to order numbers, beginning at a basic level and extending to challenge their understanding of this concept.



Number Fact Families: Can you find all the number fact families? This is just the thing for learning the
relationship between addition and subtraction. Use this clever game to practice number bonds to 10 by finding all of the different ways that a number can be made. Recognising fact families is an important number concept where young children can begin to recognise inverse operations, e.g. 3+5=8  and  8-3=5/ Begin by working on numbers up to 10 and extend to 20 when you think your child is ready for the challenge!


Lots of you have been asking for some phonic games, here are some fantastic websites to support with phase 3 and phase 4 phonics. Give them a go and let us know which ones you liked!

Click the titles to take you to the website!

Forest Phonics: This game is a fun way to teach simple spelling patterns. Choose a spelling pattern and you will be prompted to spell approximately ten words using that spelling pattern, e.g. ‘ee’ words. The sounds are easy to move around using the drag and drop sound cards. Each correct answer is rewarded with a funny animation. If you need help you can hear the word again or take a quick peek at how to correctly spell the word. The game covers 30 spelling patterns across phase 3 and 4 and also includes some phase 5 if you are ready for a challenge!


Poop Deck Pirates: This is a Reception favourite! This phonics game can really help you to build words, your child needs to read the words on the golden coins and decide if they are real words or not. This games links to phases 2, 3 and 4.





Alien Escape: This fun game develops grapheme-phoneme correspondence, blending, segmentation, reading fluency within Phase 4 phonics. Children are encouraged to spell words such as c-r-i-s-p in order for the alien to escape to his spaceship! This game is lots of fun and really challenges children to apply their phase 4 knowledge to spell and read a variety of words.



Phase 4 Word Pairs: This game is great for developing grapheme recognition, sounding out, blending, visual memory and auditory memory. When you start the game you see a set of cards face down. The object of the game is for the child to match pairs of cards by clicking on two cards to see what is on the other side. Some are picture cards, and some are word cards. Match a picture to the correct word and that pair will disappear. The game ends when the child successfully matches all the card pairs. Enjoy!




Hi everyone! It’s Miss Bishop here, I hope that you are all having lots of fun at home. I am loving seeing your photos and emails and I am really proud of the fabulous work I have seen you doing at home. Please keep sending us lots of photos and don’t forget you can email anytime to ask us questions, show off your home learning or to simply say hello! Download Growing Pink Heart Emoji Icon

Well done for creating those beautiful rainbows- I loved driving to school and seeing how many I could spot on the way! To keep the happiness going, I thought that we could join in with the giant I-Spy game…Let’s see if we can fill Trentham with sunshines next week! Sending hugs and lots of love to you all! xxx







This fantastic website has created a story and resources aimed specifically at supporting young children through this time.  The story is called ‘Don’t Worry Little Bear’ and is completely free to read as an E-Book.

Click the picture below to access the free book and resources- I hope it makes some tricky conversations that little bit easier and far less scary for our lovely children!


YouTube Links

Here are some tricky word songs that we love singing at school to help us remember those words that we can’t sound out. Hope you have fun singing along!

Check out this great video for lots of fab ways to learn tricky words! Don’t forget to share your photos and videos with us if you give these ideas a try!

Here is a great song that we used a couple of weeks ago when we were thinking about 3D shapes! Warning: This song will definitely get stuck in your head!

We use this ‘Farmer Pete’ song to teach number bonds to 10! I wonder if anybody can film their own number bond video? Make sure to share it if you do!

White Rose Maths Resources

At school, we follow a maths scheme called ‘White Rose’. They have released some great Maths activities that are aimed at Reception children. We hope that you have lots of fun completing the different activities! Remember to share your photographs with us!

Below are some activities to get you started, these will then be updated weekly!

Click each link to download the activity!

Week 1

Starting with a Story Egg Hunt

Day 2- Egg Box Play

Day 3-Making Collections

Day-4-Number or Shape Hunt

Day-5-Decorating Eggs and more



Here is a video link for the story ‘We’re going on an Egg Hunt!’ incase it is a story that you haven’t got at home!

Week 2

Day 1-What the ladybird heard

Day 2-What the ladybird heard

Day 3-What the ladybird heard

Day-4-What the ladybird heard

Day 5-What the ladybird heard



Here is a video link for the story ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ incase it is a story that you haven’t got at home!

Week 3


Day 1-Supertato

Day 2-Supertato

Day 3-Supertato

Day 4-Supertato



Here is a video link for the story ‘SuperTato’ incase it is a story that you haven’t got at home!




The Twinkl School Closure Resource Packs attached make it as stress-free as possible for parents to teach their children from home. All of the worksheets, activities and games have simple instructions and are easy to download and use at home.  Aligned to the EYFS curriculum, the resources are made by teachers and trusted by parents.


You may also wish to log into Twinkl at the following website using their free access code: PARENTSTWINKHELPS


Another great website that you can access free at this tricky time is Phonics Play, use the link  The details you will need to use are

username: march20





We have sent home a copy of this fab document full of ‘100 Things to do Indoors!’ Should you wish to download a copy electronically, please use the following link! 







Below are some documents that you might find useful over the coming weeks.

Early Years_Home_Learning_Collection


Phonics Level 3 actions

Phonics Level 3 flashcards

Phonics Level 4 initial blends

Phonics Level 4 tricky word flashcards

Letter Formation Workbook

Spring Hunt Checklist

Fairy Cake Recipe

Homework Menu Reception

Please see our Reception page for our website links to a range of super, educational websites.

Logo large border wfound


If you search for the app it has been free since 18/3/20 and you can download it to
your device to engage your child to read over the next few weeks!




Oxford Owl can be accessed using the following link

This website is full of free e-books and resources for many areas of the curriculum!



Keeping Fit!

Below are a list of fun videos and dances that you can use to keep your children active for at least half an hour every day!

GROOVE IT OUT (with Shaun T):
COOL MOVES (with Shaun T):


Joe Wicks will be doing a live PE session for children Monday – Friday 9am on his youtube channel

Koo Koo Kanga Roo - GoNoodleDon’t forget that another fantastic website that you can be accessing to keep your children moving is Go Noodle.

The family option is free and is full of videos from yoga to silly dances! It really is great fun and something that the children are familiar with from school. Use this link to log in and don’t forget to have lots of fun!