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Science Award

Due to the hard work and commitment of the staff and pupils, we have just been awarded the Primary Science Quality Mark. Only 200 schools nationwide have been awarded this achievement which celebrates a commitment to excellence in science teaching and learning. The Primary School Quality Mark programme ensures effective leadership of science, enabling schools […]

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Parachute testing

Year 5 have been investigating air resistance by designing and testing their own parachutes. We dropped them out of a first-floor window and loved watching them work. Unfortunately for one lego man, a gust of wind caught his parachute and he is now residing on our school roof!

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Y1 Pirate Day

On Friday 27th, Year 1 had a Pirate day. A great day was had by all.  Lots of activities took place, but we thought we would share a few! We decorated biscuits, made moving pictures, and played team games. We hope the children had as much fun as their teachers did!

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Science lab fun!

Year 5 have been lucky to get to visit the science labs at Trentham Academy. We used circuits to test the conductivity go different materials and observed different chemical reactions – some fizzed, some got hot and some even got colder! Mrs O’Connor also made us jump by lighting a tiny amount of ethanol, creating […]

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