Meet the Teachers

On this page, there is a section for each of next year’s classes. This includes:

  • a video ‘Meet the Teacher’ presentation for parents
  • a copy of the ‘Meet the Teacher’ PowerPoint presentation
  • a welcome letter written by the teacher to their new pupils
  • a welcome booklet to help pupils get to know their teacher
  • an ‘All About Me’ booklet for pupils to fill in (to help their teacher get to know them)


Meet our HLTA

Meet our Home/School Link Worker

Nursery (Miss Critchlow)


Red Reception (Miss Bishop)


Blue Reception (Miss Shacklady)


1MW (Mr Wignall)


1AT (Mrs Tunnicliffe)


2CP (Mrs Parsons)

2KF (Mrs Firkins)


3KB (Miss Bullock)


3BZ (Miss Zimmer)


4AR (Miss Robinson)


4JJ (Miss Jarvie & Mrs Willett)


5JM (Mrs Morris)


5RG (Miss Griffiths)


6AW (Miss Worthington)


6DM (Miss Moss)