Year 6

Miss Worthington (6AW)

I absolutely love my job as a teacher. I am currently in my fourth year of teaching after graduating in July, 2013. I have taught at Ash Green, since September 2016 and I am responsible for English. Prior to this, I taught in a large international school in Doha, Qatar. English has always been a passion of mine, so to be able to combine this with my love of teaching is a real dream! During my career so far, I have been very fortunate to have been given many leadership opportunities to support quality first teaching. I am now a system leader for education and I thoroughly enjoy the challenge this brings! I really could not ask for a more rewarding and satisfying job. The children I teach are at the forefront of everything I do, they make me feel alive and I love watching them grow from tiny humans, into loving, respectful and intelligent young people!

Miss Moss (6DM)

I've been at Ash Green for quite a while - getting on for forty years, in fact! Prior to this, I worked as a supply teacher for twelve months and it was in this capacity that I came to Ash Green back in 1979. I soon became a permanent member of the Ash Green family and started teaching in Reception as that was where the need was at the time: I'm actually middle school trained. I have now worked in every year from Reception to Year 6 and have, over the years, taught well over a thousand of Trentham's children. It is a source of joy (and not a little pride) to me that I'm now teaching the children of many of my previous pupils. At present, I am one of the Year 6 teachers and also Key Stage 2 leader. For me, as for all of the staff at Ash Green, the children are the centre of everything and I am passionate about providing them with both the very best education they can have and the life skills they need to become happy and fulfilled citizens able to contribute to society.