Learning Council

Learning Council Newsletter – September 2018


Joseph Woolmer and Kelsey Walker (Y3)

Lauren Robertson and Evie Boulton (Y4)

Connie Fellows and Evie Worsey (Y5)

Ella Cashmore and Maisy Archer (Y 6)

Minutes of meetings

Minutes 11 January 2018

Minutes 26 September 2017

Minutes 29 March 2017

Meeting 5 March 2017

Minutes 8 May 2017

Minutes 30 January 2017

Minutes 2 November 2016

Minutes 28 September 2016

Minutes 14 July 2016

Really Useful Generation Students’ Group (RUGS) – ‘Inspiring Development Strategies for Learning Across the MAT’

Ash Green Primary – Matthew Allen (Y6) and Emily Durber (Y6)

Ellison Primary – Joseph Johnson (Y5) and Hannah Bebbington (Y6)

Gladstone Primary – Olivia Jones (Y5) and Alfie Rodgers (Y5)

Goldenhill Primary – Cory Warrillow (Y6) and Daisy-Boo Ford (Y6)

Summerbank Primary – Khadija Hussain (Y5) and Abu-Bakr Mehmood (Y5)