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Year 4


Salutem a IV anno!’  (Greetings from Year 4!)


This welcome, which is in Latin, is a huge clue to our Summer term’s learning  focus – The Romans and our prime learning challenge question is: ‘What did the Romans ever do for us?’

Themes to be covered will include:

LC1    What was it like to live in a Roman town like Ostia near Rome?                 

LC2    What did the Romans eat?

LC3      How were the Romans entertained?

LC4      Why did the Romans need to build forts?

LC5      Did the Romans enjoy living in Britain?

LC6      What did the Romans leave behind?

LC7      Why did the Romans settle near rivers?

LC8      Do we drink the same water as the Romans did?



In addition to the obvious emphasis on the historical aspect of this riveting topic, there will be ample opportunity to incorporate geographical skills (map work), investigative, scientific skills (the water cycle) and Food Technology (a Roman feast).



We have already started reading this term’s text, which is incredibly fascinating and engaging, ‘The Thieves of Ostia’ by Caroline Laurence. Children will be, first and foremost, encouraged to read for pleasure, to share predictions and opinions, to discuss themes of the genre and, as with all the texts studied this year, to develop a higher level vocabulary.  During the writing sessions, everyone will have the chance to further explore elements of the non-narrative genre of ‘persuasive writing’ and the narrative genre of ‘historical stories’.



Throughout the Summer term, lessons will continue to build on previous learning and these areas will be extended, in order to challenge everyone so that they can apply skills in context.  Children are able to see how the various areas of Maths are linked to those skills and their importance.

The drive on learning multiplication tables and their corresponding division facts continues for all x 12 and we are seeing confident mathematicians with quick recall. The children have been fortunate to have the opportunity of using the iPads during some mental maths sessions which has certainly spurred them on, in the challenge!  ‘Hit the button’ is definitely one of the most popular apps, where the challenge is not only against others but themselves too.


Diary Dates:

Wednesday 5.7.17                              -           Visit to Trentham High School - PSHE

Week commencing 10.7.17                 -           Roman food preparation and tasting

TBC                                                      -           Trip to Deva (Chester)

TBC                                                      -           ‘A taste of Italy’


The children and staff of Year 4,  look forward to completing this term and celebrating the success achieved by one and all!