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Learning Council members 2021 – 2022

Jessica Downes (Y3)

Esme Warburton & Katie Sherlock (Y4)

Ava Shepley & Lillie Copeland (Y5)

Iris Percival & Milly Lukic (Y6)


Here are the Learning Council’s definitions of our school values:



Really Useful Generation Students’ Group (RUGS) – ‘Inspiring Development Strategies for Learning Across the MAT’

Ash Green – Esme Warburton & Katie Sherlock

The RUGS is the name for our MAT Student Council. It stands for the Really Useful Generation Students’ Group. Its membership is (usually) a boy and a girl from each of the academies within the Trust elected by their own student communities. Click the link to find out more about our RUGS: https://www.societastrust.org.uk/our-rugs/